Why do we use aluminium?

Aluminium is durable, rigid and resistant to corrosion and damage. Aluminium windows and doors are entirely resistant to atmospheric conditions, which ensures long-term and problem-free usage. It is not necessary to maintain them carefully, unlike wooden windows. Customers have broad range of possibilities as to tailoring windows and doors to their needs, in terms of both colour and unusual shapes.

In our projects we use the most modern solutions by Ponzio, a company with almost 20-year experience in producing aluminium systems and distributing them across European markets.

Based on aluminium profiles, façades and winter gardens boast an exceptionally modern appearance. That is why they are very frequently used by the most renowned architects in the world. It is also worth mentioning that aluminium means not only attractive appearance, but also light weight, high durability and numerous possibilities in shaping the construction. The use of a relevant filling – glazing unit or aluminium panels – additionally reinforced with seals ensures doors, windows and façades are highly noise-resistant and thermally insulated.