Typical PVC windows or balcony doors are usually white. This results from the properties of the material that was used. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, in its “natural” state is in fact colourless. The white pigment is just most universal. It is possible, however, to paint the material during the production process – hence we can also see, e.g. brown window profiles.

A significantly better effect can be achieved, though, when using the so-called renolit films. A renolit film is a thermoplastic one that is applied for decorative purposes. It is perfectly combined with PVC elements, providing them with entirely new aesthetic qualities. It is also highly durable, so windows decorated in this way will maintain their attractive appearance for years to come. What is important is the fact that renolit film does not weaken insulating or mechanical properties of window profiles.

By applying this kind of solution, we can offer you both windows and doors made of PVC that are seemingly identical to “traditional” wooden products. In addition, the patterns and ornaments placed on renolit films display very high quality and durability. The technology allows to use all the advantages of PVC windows and doors (such as durability, high resistance to changing atmospheric conditions, or light and rigid construction) with an elegant and original appearance of genuine wood.