Poznaj rozwiązania, które tworzą przyszłość!

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Poznaj rozwiązania, które tworzą przyszłość!


OKNA-PLUS is a company that is the direct successor of the renowned aluminium and PVC joinery producer – the Mar-Traxx Marek Gołosz company. Vast experience not only gives us a significant advantage on the market we know inside out, but also boosts the trust our partners have in our work, both in Poland and beyond.  

We offer top class aluminium and PVC joinery. Particular emphasis is placed on ensuring high quality of our products, so our Customers can enjoy using them for years to come. Given our rich experience, we are eager to face unusual and challenging projects. 

We can fulfil not only small orders for private Customers, but also significantly larger ones for corporate investors.

Our products include:

  • PVC and aluminium windows and doors,
  • EI30 and EI60 fire resistant aluminium windows and doors,
  • Façades and winter gardens.