PONZIO PF 152 WG this system is designed to build winter gardens and other spatial constructions. The roof surface can be produced with façade profiles used in the NT152 system or based on the NT152WG system profiles – reversed rafters. The entire construction can be based on façade mullions, window-door system mullions or on the reinforced NT152WG system mullions. The roof rafter construction allows using standard glazing beads from window-door systems. Rafters and transoms are connected using the same method as in the NT152 façade system. Elements of the roof surface are fixed with hinges on the wall beam and with system joints on the eave beam with a system eave drainpipe. The entire roof system is fully compatible with the Ponzio sliding and window-door systems.

Features of the system:

It allows to connect NT 152WG system profiles with other window-door systems, such as PT52, NT 60, NT 68, PE 78, SLIDING 900, SLIDING 1200TT – it is possible to create complex and sophisticated constructions (the joint system used in the elements of the eave and wall beams allows to turn the roof surface, achieving a 7-45 degree slope against the horizontal level) – the solutions applied here facilitate prefabricating the profiles.