We produce modern glass-aluminium façades using innovative solutions ensuring excellent physical, thermal, and acoustic properties. An equally significant aspect is ensuring homogeneous plaster colour. Façades may be decorated according to the style of a given building employing various techniques, such as: bossage, changing the plaster's structure and colour, or decorative profiles. A beautiful and colourful façade can be an excellent showcase of any building.

Aluminium façades of the NT 152 system consist of thermally insulated profiles. Mullions and transoms are 52mm wide and 40-350mm thick. An expanded system allows creating complex constructions. A simple and slightly sloped curtain wall is perfect for both small and large office block. A semi-structural wall with horizontal garnishing strips fixed in a single line is used to fill the passes between buildings.

The illustrated NT 152 system is designed to construct and produce light curtain and fill-in walls as well as roofs, skylights and other spatial objects used for apartment, industrial and public space construction. Supporting structure consists of vertical elements (mullions fixed on the buildings) as well as horizontal ones (transoms fixed on mullions) made of aluminium profiles with open or box section. The PONZIO PF152/NT152 profiles are 52mm wide. Moreover, garnishing strips have round edges, which adds up to lightness of the construction and allows producing aesthetic façades with narrow section lines. This depends on the sections, external load and the mounting method.

Our projects have been appreciated not only by architects and investors who entrusted their projects with us, but also in competitions organised by producers of aluminium systems.