A significant part of our activity is producing windows, doors and façades based on aluminium profiles. We employ solutions that are proven throughout years in thousands of investments, provided by the leading European and worldwide producers.

When it comes to windows and doors, we mainly use window-door systems by Ponzio – multi-chamber aluminium profiles available in a variety of constructions and colours.

Façades are created using mullion-transom Ponzio systems, while for light curtain walls and spatial constructions we recommend using a solution with constructive bonding system. Its characteristic feature is the fact that although aluminium mullions and transoms are used as bearing elements, the final external wall does not have frames and thus creates a plain surface, only divided with thin horizontal and vertical lines.

During the production process we also use top-class ROTO fittings designed for aluminium construction joinery. These are, for instance, Roto AluVision T300 and T540 systems, also in the Designo version, i.e. with concealed hinges.

Among the most important advantages of aluminium systems is their exceptional rigidness and durability. Since aluminium is quite a flexible and brittle material, a few additions are made during the production process that allow final joinery elements to boast completely different properties – one can even say they are virtually indestructible. It should also be noted that aluminium joinery is light and at the same time very tight.

All the solutions we employ meet the most rigorous safety and ergonomics norms.