The PVC windows we produce have the top class Inoutic window profiles incorporated. As a result, we can guarantee they are produced in the highest standard and that they display excellent usage properties as well as exceptional durability.

Why PVC?

It has been estimated that over 70% of windows installed in Poland are based on PVC profiles (made of polyvinyl chloride). Up to recently, they had been considered as products of lower quality; however, today we acknowledge their numerous advantages and even superiority over the traditional wooden windows.

Amongst the most significant merits of the PVC windows one needs to include their durability and resistance to the changing atmospheric conditions. PVC window profiles are also highly environment-friendly. No pollution is emitted during the production process and the final product can be fully recycled.

 Finally, another aspect that is worth considering is their cost. PVC windows are simply less expensive than wooden ones – not only in terms of mere purchase, but also when it comes to their maintenance (no need to apply any special means of conservation).

Furthermore, what architects and designers appreciate most is virtually limitless opportunities for arranging this type of windows. PVC window profiles can be freely shaped and installed in a variety of possibilities thanks to special caps that allow mounting a “typical” window in an unusual slot, a situation that is perfectly known among teams renovating old tenement houses.

Inoutic window systems

The renowned Inoutic window systems we use definitely constitute the top class category among the PVC window joinery available on the market. Owing to the use of modern technology, PVC windows and doors (e.g. for balconies or terraces) based on Inoutic profiles help save energy, protect interiors against noise, overheating or any other harmful atmospheric conditions.