Rigorous and constantly increased safety norms are business as usual in the contemporary world of construction. Therefore, in our projects we only use the proven solutions offered by renowned producers, which ensures all the standards are met.

A significant element of the mentioned norms, as well as customers’ requirements, is anti-burglary systems and solutions. Among them most noteworthy are laminated glazing units we use. They consist of at least one glass pane at least 6mm thick and a special PVB foil. Consequently, it is significantly more difficult to break or knock such a glass out, especially due to the fact that in the event of a hit, it does not break up instantly, but individual fragments are held tight with the foil.

Yet another important element of anti-burglary systems are specially constructed window and door fittings. In the Roto systems we use, anti-burglary elements are incorporated even in the most basic and simple products. These, accompanied with laminated glass and solid multi-chamber Inoutic profiles, ensure that windows and doors pose a significant barrier for a potential burglar.

What is yet another important factor here is additional protection of people. Persons staying behind safe windows or door are less prone to the danger of an accidental hit by a falling object (e.g. a fragment of a damaged façade) or to fall out of a building.

Thus, if you need modern and highly effective anti-burglary and protection systems – please, feel free to get in touch with us. Our experienced experts will gladly help you select and implement the best solution possible.