Our windows and doors are equipped with modern glazing units produced by Effect Glass. Depending on the customer’s needs, these can be various types of panes: heat protection, soundproof, laminated, solar, or decorative. Technology solutions applied during their production guarantee excellent insulation values and high durability while keeping aesthetic quality.

Heat protection panes

Double glazing panes with heat transfer coefficient h=1.1

Constructed of two panes with insulated coating double glazing heat protection panes ensure highest transparency (up to 71% of light transmission), natural colours, the lowest U coefficient of 0.5 [W/(m2K)] and energy transmittance at g=50. Usually applied in passive houses, double glazing heat protection panes come with the noble argon gas filled in between panes. These altogether result in maximum comfort, reducing the cold pane effect and condensation of steam (i.e. the “dew-covered” pane effect), significantly lowering the heating cost and finally reducing carbon dioxide emission, which in turn leads to effective environment protection.

Triple glazing panes with heat transfer coefficient h=0.7, h=0.5, h=0.4!!!

This entails an even higher effectivity resulting from parameters increased to the limit and an incredibly modern production process sometimes including the technology of hardening glass units with an airbag. Glazing units of this type are mostly used in passive houses. Their U-coefficient reaches 0.4 [W(m2K)] due to an additional chamber in glazing, which increases the weight of the glass up to 40kg/m2.

Soundproof panes

They can reduce noise of up to 49dB. In the contemporary world, there is an increasing need for acoustic insulation of buildings. In order to meet the demand, we introduced soundproof panes to our offer. They can reduce noise of up to 49dB.The mentioned value is the so-called acoustic reduction index (Rw) that is measured laboratory-only for individual sound spectrum bands between 100 and 3150 Hz. A relevant type of glass must be selected – for various types of noise, different solutions are applied. Our experts may help you select the best offer while creating a project.

Laminated panes (anti-burglary and safe)

They are especially used when it is essential to protect buildings or specific rooms against burglary or acts of vandalism.

P4 – 44.4//4 a one-side anti-burglary glass with 4 layers of PVB foil

P2 – 44.2//4 a one-side anti-burglary glass with 2 layers of PVB foil

O3 – 33.1//4 a one-side safe glass with 1 layer of PVB foil

Solar panes

With large glass surface in a building, a frequent issue is strong sunlight. This may lead to rooms overheating and an increase of a harmful UV radiation. Therefore, in our projects we apply solar panes created through deposition of relevant metal layers or their oxides.

Tempered glass

Wherever it is required to use a safe glass, it is a good choice to apply a tempered glass. During the production process, glass is heated to over 620 Celsius degrees and then cooled down, which significantly increases its mechanical durability. Moreover, in the event it is broken down, it shatters into very small pieces with no sharp edges.