When starting business relationships we always seek partners offering proven solutions that customers can trust in. Thus, an honourable place in the circle of our business partners is taken by Roto – a company that has been considered a true leader in the field of window fittings for tens of years.

Indefectible, innovative, tailored to individual needs of various customers, constantly developedRoto system solutions entail emphasis on the stability of a window and high comfort of its usage. Roto fittings meet the highest safety requirements and present efficiency standards that are pushed to the limit. That is why we definitely recommend Roto NT – the most popular and worldwide-acclaimed system of tilt-and-turn fittings for windows and balcony doors, characterised by high quality, durability, unique design, and a wide range of usability.

The Roto NT fitting system comprises modular, compatible elements that can be connected in any combinations, adjusted to individual requirements. As a result, the presented solutions are not only easily installed (in a flexible and fully automated way), but also universal. The Roto NT fittings are designed for turn-only and tilt-and-turn windows made of wood, PVC or aluminium, sashes with a standard hinge side of 150kg (wooden windows), 130kg (PVC windows), 100kg (aluminium windows), sashes with a concealed hinge side of up to 150kg, or Roto NT PowerHinge sashes (weight up to 300kg). Moreover, the top-class and widely acclaimed Roto NT tilt-and-turn fitting system can be applied to aluminium profiles with a 16mm axis.