We bring you state-of-the-art windows – designed for the most demanding customers.

Inoutic/Deceuninck Prestige system with 76mm profile is an excellent solution for energy-saving architecture. What is the most significant advantage of this window are its remarkable energy-saving properties. In addition to its classy design, it also brings high safety standard ensured by the use of renowned fitting system produced by ROTO, a German leader on the market.

Unparalleled energy-saving properties in this range of windows – the entire window thermal insulation value of Uf=0.84 W/m2K with the standard triple-glass packet 4/12/4/12/4 with heat transfer coefficient amounting to h=0.7.

Unique whiteness and gloss of the profiles accompanied with a grey seal emphasise the overall appearance.

Special system strengthening with reinforcement enclosed in the frames – these make the profile extremely rigid.

Centre seal (MD) – a system of extra noise protection and thermal insulation. The joinery products we create boast high quality and long-term durability – that is why we can offer 10-year warranty for them. Our teams of highly trained experts ensure the services we provide are of top quality.

PVC windows are equipped with one- and two-chamber float glazing units. Upon a customer's request we can also use anti-burglary glass or one with a specific thermal insulation value.

Moreover, all our windows include double sealing on the entire perimeter, which makes them extremely effective in terms of energy-saving and noise protection.

Our products are for anyone who needs modern and long-lasting PVC joinery solutions. We offer comprehensive service – from creating projects and budgets through production to installation.

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All our products come with declarations of performance.